Are you planning to self-publish your book soon?

You will need striking book cover designed and I'm here to help!

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Creative Book Cover Design

Fantasy | Science-Fiction | Adventure | Horror

What I can do for you?

I provide a range of design services in print and digital publication to support and assist independent authors and small presses interested in self-publishing.

Why I do it?

I’m here to take the weight off your shoulders and help you with your new cover art for your upcoming book. I’m all about indie authors support. Your success makes me proud and happy.

How I do it?

I use various digital techniques including, but not limited to, drawing and 3D rendering to create eye-catching artworks. I specialize in fiction genres such as ​Fantasy, SciFi and all related.

Why book cover art matters?

Four factors of successful book cover design.

Book Cover Design by Cover Art Studio

Attention Grabber

Firstly, your book needs to have an eye-catching cover with elements reflecting the story and mood you tell in your book including properly placed, sized and carefully selected typography.

Book Cover Design by Cover Art Studio

Sales & Marketing

Also, you want your cover to look professional. Busy book market requires that. Above all, your cover is one, powerful, sales driving tool. In other words, amateurish cover won’t sell well.

Book Cover Design by Cover Art Studio

Genre Appropriate

Furthermore, you need your cover to fit your story genre and stand out from other covers so it meets your reader’s expectations and can be easily recognizable from the distance.

Book Cover Design by Cover Art Studio

No Display Issues

Finally, you want your cover to be properly formatted for online display and print so it looks the best as it possibly can across all devices, platforms and on the bookstore’s shelf.

This is where I come in to help.

This is also why we should work together.

Adobe Certified Associate

I know my craft well. To prove it I went through Adobe examination process.

Proven Quality Services

I love what I do. This is why I offer unlimited revisions to ensure complete satisfaction.

Affordable Pricing

Clear and transparent prices that won’t break your bank.

Fast Turnaround

First concept delivered within 3 working days.

What my clients have to say?


Working together with Martin was a great pleasure. He is a very nice and friendly person! Also, prices are really okay! All my wishes were fulfilled! Marlene von Hagen


Perfection, very pleasant cooperation made me more than happy with the result and Martin will continue to do the covers for my next books. Verena Grüneweg


The services of Martin and Cover Art Studio are more than what I could have hoped for. The cover he designed was perfect in almost all regards, first time around. A score of 10/10 from me. Samuel F. Hunter


Very good, kind and professional, a perfect trio. Elettra Marrone

Book Cover Design by Cover Art Studio

Would you like to start your book cover project with me?

Adobe Certified Associate

Visual Design Specialist in Print and Digital Publication
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