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Book Cover Design by Cover Art Studio

Book Covers €120-320

Fantasy | Science-Fiction | Adventure | Horror

Pricing really depends on many factors that we have to consider. Every project is different and tailored to individual needs. This is why I would like to hear from you first to find out what it is that you are looking for exactly.

Is it eBook cover or printed paperback or hardback maybe that you need? Would you like to go with one of my existing illustrations or shall we design custom cover for you to better fulfill your vision and adjust it to your story?

How complex and detailed is it going to be? Any specific requirements? How many characters, symbols etc. will come into play? Do you need any extra merchandise products like posters or bookmarks designed, or promotional images like social channel banners, book mockups, title release/cover reveal graphics formatted?

These are the questions that need to be answered before I can give you solid numbers and final price for your project.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your project requirements.

Album Cover Design by Cover Art Studio

Album Covers €150-200

Electronic | Rock | Metal | Industrial and all related

In addition to the above, if you feel that your music project fits well within my artwork scope and you wish to incorporate elements of (generally speaking) fantasy, science-fiction or horror in your album packaging then I will be more than happy to work on your project with you.

If you are going to print this and create physical release then you are going to need interiors designed as well. It’s up to you what format you will choose for your album. Let it be standard jewel case, simple card packaging, four panel digipack or booklet etc. Just let me know about it when contacting me.

To final front cover design price we would need to add +€50 per each additional panel designed. Disk face counts as a panel.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your project requirements.

Current Services

Digital delivery via Adobe Creative Cloud. All payments in EUR € via secured PayPal.


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